2 years old!

well! here we are! celebrating our little miracle's 2nd birthday!!! we couldn't be more happy and blessed to have this sweet little girl in our lives! we had our family come over for some pizza and cupcakes and Taylee had a ball playing with her cousins and opening her presents! here are the pics from the day...

we got Tay's 2 year old pics taken and i absolutely LOVE them!!! they totally show off her sass, spunk,  sweet little self! 


holy moly!

wow! i can't believe how fast times goes by!!! i know i say that every time i post but SERIOUSLY!!! it's been three months since i posted last!!! i need to try and keep this blog updated more often! i'll try my best! well tay is pretty much amazing!!! she's been healthy all winter (knock on wood) and she is getting SO BIG!!! she will be TWO next month and i seriously can't believe it!!! it seriously makes me sad!!! she is basically RUNNING everywhere she goes! she is now saying more words thank goodness!!! :) she is picking them up right and left now! i love it! :) she is SUPER SASSY FRASS!!! no lie! i don't know where she gets it or WHY (well....maybe because she's an only child and SPOILED ROTTEN?!?!) i don't know! but i'm almost kicking myself in the butt now....ALMOST! :) she deserves to be spoiled! she's been through WAY more than she deserves so i will continue to spoil! :) ha ha ha. she is such a sweet little girl....when she wants to be! :) which is pretty much all the time. unless she wants something that she can't have. ha ha. any who! we went to our 6 month check up at primarys in february and got the "see you guys in 6 months!" saying!!! oh BOY do i love hearing that!!! :) we seriously have been SO BLESSED with the way things have turned out with all of tay's health issues! SO BLESSED!!! i tell everyone that she loves to prove EVERYONE, including the doctors, how amazing she is! :) serious MIRACLE if you ask me! :) love her to PIECES!! :) i'll try to post more often and get more pics on here also!!! :)


Time flies!

Holy moly!!!! Has it really been two months since I posted last?!?! My goodness!!! I can't believe how fast time goes now days!!! Last post I talked about Tay turning 18months old!!! So crazy! Now she's 20 months old and Christmas is in a week!!! We've been busy busy just hangin out and chasing this little girl around!!! One year EXACTLY from the day she had her Glenn she decided she wanted to walk!!! What a miracle!!!! November 9th will DEFINATELY be a date we will always remember!!! We had a very nice thanksgiving! I was crazy and volunteered to have it at my housthis year! And surprisingly enough it turned out just great!Tay ate and ate and ate! Haha ha I think she ate more than I did to be honest!!! She loved it! And she loved the fact that she was the only grandchild here which meant she got EVERYONE'S attention! Ha ha ha. Silly girl! This time of year has a whole new meaning to it since we found out about our sweet baby girl. We have been SO BLESSED to be able to have this sweet little miracle in our lives! Her little personality is sassy and yet so tender. She has the sweetest heart (just like her daddy) and she is seriously such a sweet little girl. We love her more and more everyday!!!! Two years ago our world was turned upside down when we were told the shocking news about Tay. That she had a big chance of not making it once I delivered her, and that if she did, we would need to plan on staying at primary children's for a good couple months due to surgeries that they would have to do. They told me, a pregnant first time mom, that I would not be able to see or hold her once she arrived. That was SO hard for me to hear!!! Well, this little miracle wanted to prove to all of the doctors that she was in charge and that she wanted to do things HER way! Once i had her not only did i get to see her but i was able to hold her for one minute. it was such a precious moment. she was perfect.Ten days after she arrived, after more news that we weren't expecting, we we able to take her HOME!!! Surgery FREE!!! Really!? Then six months later, after skipping one surgery and possibly more, she went in for her Glenn. Just SIX days later we were back home!!! Now one year later, after crawling and now walking,and also beginning to say words, she is STILL proving to all the doctors that SHE is in charge and SHE will show them!!! :)All I can say is what a MIRACLE!!! :) I heard a song the other night and I just started crying!!! The chorus says..."there can be miracles, when you believe. " then I don't remember the rest because I lost it. Ha ha ha but it totally reminded me of Tay. :) any who, Tay is doing just great! Docs are very happy with her growth and weight gain! We go back to primary's in feb so hopefully I will update before then! Happy holidays!


a year and a half?!?!

oh my goodness!!! i honestly can't believe my baby is a year and a half years old....TODAY!!! she is getting so big so fast! it almost makes me sad! she's getting to be a little turkey! she get's into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!! she will take a couple steps on her own if she knows im in front of her to catch her. ha ha. stubborn little thing that's for sure! we went to her 18 month well check today and dr g was VERY happy with where she was at on the charts. my baby FINALLY broke the 20lb mark!!!! 20lbs 7oz to be exact! :) yay!!! what a big girl!!! :) there was just one thing that was kind of a slight worry to him tho....her speech....or lack thereof! she basically only says "dada". she knows 5 signs that i taught her but other than that....nothin! i was worried about it so i asked him what he thought about it. he said that she should be speaking almost 20 words! :( he gave me a couple "homework assignments" to work on with her for the next 3 months and if that doesn't work then we have to take it to the next level and get an MRI done. :( i am hoping and praying that we don't have to take this route. we have 3 months for her to "blossom" to at least 12 words or more. she can do it! she's beaten MANY odds so far so why not this one?! she'll do it. i know she will. :) other than that she is doing great!!! she has quite the personality. :) we just love her to PIECES!! :) i have a lot of pic on my phone but don't have time to send them over so here's what ya get! :) she had her very first haircut and i did it. being a hairdresser and all i thought i could pull it off. yep! not doin that one again! ha ha ha. she was SO WIGGLY that she looked like harry on dumb and dumber. so sad! poor thing! thank goodness it grows fast and she is already due for another one! :) here are a couple recent pics!

before her haircut....
rockin a mullett....

cute little "bob" after her haircut. :) no pic of the front for a reason. ha ha.

family pics. love our little bug!!! :)


15 months old!!!

well! our little bug is starting to not be so little anymore! :( she has seriously grown up this past month!!! we went to our check up at primary's and we received GREAT NEWS!!! "we'll see you in another six months!!!" wow! no x-ray, no echo...NOTHING!!! what a blessing!!! we've said from the day we found out about taylee that she is going to be our little miracle. isn't that the truth!!! :) we also went to her 15 month check up. she weighs 19 lbs 1 oz! wooo whooo!! :) she is in the 5th percentile for weight. ha ha. but that's just fine with us! :) she has been doing SO GOOD!!! she is seriously growing up too fast! which is exciting and sad at the same time. she is CRAWLING!!! yep! one more thing we were told that she wouldn't do and she's proving them all wrong!!! :) she is also now pulling herself up onto furniture and walking up and down the couches! she LOVES IT!!! she will be running around before we know it!!! :) she DEFINATELY keeps me on my toes now days! she is into anything and EVERYTHING!!! :) she knows as much sign language as i do. ha ha. she will sign "more", "milk/juice", blow kisses, and we are working on "thank you." she still jabbers a lot but no more words other than "dada" and "mama". i'm hoping the words start coming out like crazy soon!!! she also gets ahold of the wipes and will wipe her own bum!!! amazing the things she catches on so quickly to!! we are SO BLESSED to have this sweet baby girl in our lives! we don't know where we would be without her!!! LOVE HER!!!
lil' piano player

4th of july. she's our little firecracker! :)

big girl car seat ride for the first time!!! she didn't know what to think at first but then after a minute she would look at me and trav and smile so big and giggle!! :)
going swimming at grammee's for the first time. she LOVES it!! (not a big fan of the grass on bare legs tho. ha ha)
our little giraffe. :) trav's work gave us a gift card for tay after her surgery and we bought this ADORABLE giraffe outfit. :) the yellow dress and shoes have giraffe print on them. :)


14 months old!

yep! it's true! my baby girl is already 14 months old!! where has the time gone?!?! oh i just love her more and more everyday too!!! she can be testy sometimes but she is truly the sweetest thing you'll ever meet!!! :) LOVE HER!!! we kept procrastinating getting her 1 year old photo shoot so here is her 14 month instead. :) props to my awesome neighbor for taking them!!! :)

peek-a-boo! (look closely at her eyes that are WIDE open! haha)
jellies! :)
this face has daddy written ALL over it! :)
love it!! :)


update! :)

well what can i say....another TWO months have come and gone since i posted last!! where does the time go?!?! i have no idea! it's crazy!! we have been doing good thank goodness! now that the sun has decided to come out (some days) we are TOTALLY taking advantage of it!!! we are SO done hibernating from the winter!!! yuck! tay LOVES to be outside!!! she will sit on a blanket on the grass and just play all day long if i let her! she LOVES IT!!! we had her 12 month check up two months ago and she was doing so good! then she got her 12 month shots and got an infection in her leg from one of them which caused me to freak out due to her not having a spleen to fight off infection. i know they can give her an antibiotic but still...it's scary! so we took her back when she got her infection....(3 weeks later!) and they said if we hadn't taken her in when we did it could have turned into staff!!! SCARY!! i'm so glad i saw it when i did! any who. at her 13 month appointment she weighed a whopping 18 POUNDS!!!! woooo whoooo!!! she is in the 5-10th percentile for weight but that's just fine with me and the doctors say so too! yay! she has NO problems when it comes to eating THAT'S for sure! haha. she's got the cheeks to prove it! :) and i LOVE it! she is SO CLOSE to crawling i can't even TELL you!!! she will do her little army crawl/swimming move and she gets around pretty well! she also will sit on her bum and push herself around which cracks me up! the other day i laid her down and gave her a bottle and the next thing i know i heard her grunting and i looked over and she had pushed herself up to a sitting position!!!! oh i was just SO EXCITED!!!!! :D she is getting SO BIG! and she is SO SMART!!! she just amazes us!!! as for her health, like i said before, she is doing amazing! :) we have been SO BLESSED!!! she goes to her 15 month check up this month at her regular pediatrician and we go to primarys for a check up on august 1st. it will be nice to be able to enjoy our summer! :) here are some pictures of our sweet baby girl....
our first picnic! she LOVED it! :)
watching a movie with her very own "popcorn" (her little melt away treats) ha ha.
this is as close to a smile as i could get. haha.
no we did not put her in time out. ha ha. she ROLLED herself under there! hahaha
tay and one of her boyfriends, miracle mason. :) we went down to play and we got the toys out and mason would take a clorox wipe and wipe down the toys before giving them to her! it was ADORABLE!!!
um....yeah.... that's all i have to say about this one. ha ha
eating with her big girl plate for the first time! she had the BIGGEST smile on her face when i gave it to her with her lunch on it!

she really didn't wear her flower in her hair like this all day. haha.

this is what happens when you give a 1 year old a bowl of green beans and let her eat them on her own. they don't get eaten! ha ha. i laughed so hard when i saw this! they were stuck to the wall, floor, everywhere! ha ha

smart lil' thing! :)
her new chair! :)
went in to get her from her nap and this is what i found....two binkis at once. now thats talent!
lil' miss sassy frass! :)
i just can't get enough of this lil' girl!!! love her SOOO MUCH! :)